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You Can’t Get Rid of Racism by Just Being Nice

Defining Racism

One of the most frustrating things about talking about racism is the fact that we all seem to have different definitions of it.

In our online course – I’m Not Racist… Am I? Digital, we take a deeper dive into our film, I’m Not Racist… Am I?, and examine the definition of racism. Definitions vary across the board but most experts in this field agree that racism requires a combination of power AND prejudice. It’s the difference between calling someone a racial slur and enacting legislation that unjustly punishes that person.

Throughout the film, our subjects grapple with this definition and the nuances it presents in their daily lives. Abby – one of the film’s central characters – provides a perspective on race shaped by her experience as a biracial woman. As she takes on this journey, Abby confronts her parents, who avoided conversations about race, and realizes that racism is about more than just our personal beliefs. It is about a system that functions despite our personal beliefs and is, in some ways, out of our control.

Watch the video clip above for one of Abby’s insights as she explored the definition of racism. And then share it with others in your life who you think might benefit from thinking about racism as more than just individual beliefs.

Learn more about our online course here.

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