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Speaking Engagements


Speaking Engagements

We consider ourselves subject matter “learners” – not experts – and we approach our speaking engagements in that same spirit. We call in individuals from a diverse range of perspectives and experiences and invite them to learn with us and each other.

Speaking Engagements


What a Group of Teens Can Teach Us About Race in The Workplace

In this interactive session, we’ll share lessons learned from I’m Not Racist…Am I? screenings and connect them to our adult, professional lives giving audience members new knowledge, practical tools, and above all, a sense of urgency to take these issues on in their relationships at work and beyond.


This is Point Made Learning’s interactive, engaging and, yes, entertaining keynote presentation that reviews a glossary of words that often surface in and outside of the workplace. This keynote will review the meaning of the words and whether or not they are inclusive.

Speaking Engagement