We've developed a private learning experience around a groundbreaking film about race in America. A compelling story - plus interactive lessons and exercises - will educate, inspire, and motivate your team members to build inclusion, together. It won't be easy, but your organization will never be the same.


Spend some time in someone else's shoes with an interactive game designed to help players explore how bias, stereotypes, and discrimination really feel in today's workplace. Customized for your community, the game is available in a new LIFE-SIZE version for a unique, immersive experience. Or, license our tabletop version to scale this session throughout your entire organization.


We use stories as our starting point – they create a shared experience for everyone in the room and help us exercise our empathy. From there, we facilitate discussions, lead interactive exercises, and push participants to move away from trying to win arguments and work toward gaining a deeper understanding of complex issues.
Our documentaries - "I’m Not Racist... Am I?", "The Prep School Negro," and "Adopted" – can be brought to schools, universities, churches, community organizations, and corporations for screenings, followed by discussions guided by our team of trained dialogue facilitators.


The directors, producers, and – in some cases – the individuals featured in our films – are available for speaking engagements on a range of topics including:

• How to Engage Effectively in Conversations about Racism
• The Messy Living Room of Racism: It’s Time for All of Us to Clean Up

We consider ourselves subject matter “learners” – not experts – and we approach our speaking engagements in that same spirit. We call in individuals from a diverse range of perspectives and experiences with the intention of coming to a deeper understanding – not just winning an argument.
Learn more about our team and contact us using the form below if you’d like to book one of our colleagues for an event.

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