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We bring innovative content and programming to institutions and organizations that are serious about inclusion.


We start with documentary films about American identity and then we use that content to design programs, tools, and workshops to get people learning, talking, and doing something about all the isms, phobias, and systems of inequity that continue to divide us.



With our innovative approach combining true stories with powerful lessons and honest dialogue, we work to create meaningful change within community organizations, corporations, public and private schools, and colleges and universities. As long as you’re serious about inclusion and what it takes to get you there, we’re ready to work with you.


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Looking to bring Googlers together for an evening of perspective-sharing, personal reflection, and productive dialogue about the challenging topic of race in the workplace, the company hosted a screening of our documentary “I’m Not Racist… Am I?” for their employees at the headquarters in Mountain View as part of an ongoing enrichment program called Talks at Google. The event was organized by a committee of members representing various Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and included the 90-minute film screening followed by a powerful hour-long discussion facilitated by the film’s director Catherine Wigginton Greene and the film’s producer André Robert Lee. During the post-screening dialogue, one of the participants commented, “We often get together in our respective ERGs, which is important, but I’ve just realized that this is the first time we’ve all been in the same room together talking about these issues. This is the most diverse event I’ve been to at Google.”

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Ohio State

Koritha Mitchell, Associate Professor of English at The Ohio State University, wanted to plan an event on campus that would provide a forum for honest and meaningful lessons and dialogue about race, racism, and white supremacy among faculty, staff, students, and Columbus community members.

Mitchell partnered with various departments on campus and local public schools to bring nearly 800 people together for a screening of our film “I”m Not Racist… Am I?” and then participate in the post-screening discussion led by PML’s Catherine Wigginton Greene and André Robert Lee. And to continue the important discussions started by the film, we then led workshops for campus and community leaders the following day to empower them to productively guide discussions about the film’s subject matter beyond the initial screening.

“The workshops were really powerful,” Dr. Mitchell said. “I heard nothing but positive things about them for months afterwards.”

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Vassar College

Starting off the 2017 fall semester, several members of Vassar College’s faculty and administration wanted to take the university’s programming on diversity, equity and inclusion to the next level. Vassar already considered itself a progressive institution. But recent race-related issues on campus had highlighted a need for more work on these topics.

Enter I’m Not Racist… Am I?, Point Made Learning’s documentary film and new Look Deeper: Race online course, which Vassar used to engage its entire first-year class as part of the college’s first-year orientation strategy. Coordinating with several Vassar departments, we coached faculty and administration members on how to facilitate discussions of the film for more than 600 students and educators.

While getting the buy-in to bring these programs to Vassar took nearly two years and a lot of effort, administrators felt it was all worth it. Said one of the deans, “After the film, so many students were standing up and offering honest, open revelations about their experience and we were really happy to see that. It’s been two years in the planning. It took so much to bring it to fruition, and it all just went off so well. For the vast majority of students, my sense is that this can be a positive catalyst for change.”

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Walmart was looking for a scalable solution that would allow them to raise awareness around diversity and inclusion within the company, and encourage productive dialogue among its global workforce. We worked with the Walmart team to effectively introduce and scale the American Dream Game Tabletop version company-wide. Point Made Learning’s staff effectively trained employees in the Cultural Diversity and Inclusion office to deliver the content directly to their employees.

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Articulate is a fast growing tech company whose leadership recognized that rapid growth can often cause culture challenges, and the team understood the need to create a long term diversity and inclusion plan in anticipation of potential obstacles. They looked to Point Made Learning to guide them through the process and create a roadmap for success. After the success of delivering the Look Deeper: Race online course and The American Dream Game to a select steering committee, Articulate engaged us to roll out the experience to all company employees nationwide.Through a combination of the Look Deeper: Race online course, as well as video sessions facilitated by Point Made Learning staff, the course has allowed the groups to dig into the content and have meaningful conversations, together.

Our work was so well received, that the online course is now a part of the on-boarding process for all new employees. Our partnership also formed the creation of an online version of The American Dream game.

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IBM’s Public Service sector — the team of consultants who work with local and federal government agencies — brought 225 division executives together for two days of meetings and workshops. With inclusion as a stated priority for the practice area, this IBM group had recently completed unconscious bias training and wanted to provide a forum for continued discussions about how bias might be showing up in the workplace, and what actions could be taken to interrupt patterns of bias to deliver the best solutions to clients. So IBM brought Point Made Learning in to take all 225 leaders through our life-size American Dream Experience in one afternoon for powerful discussions about what bias, discrimination, microagressions, and stereotypes really feel like. We ended our sessions with a collective action-plan setting exercise that has served as the practice area’s roadmap toward inclusion.

We continued our partnership with IBM’s Public Service team in helping design and facilitate the group’s Inclusion Summit which brought 300 managers and leaders together for two days of tactical sessions on how to continue building an inclusive workplace.

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Target engaged with Point Made Learning as they planned for a large scale Human Resources all-hands retreat. The objective was to give their employees a unique team building experience that would allow them to further develop valuable leadership skills. The Point Made Learning team facilitated the life-size version of The American Dream Game to a group of HR team members for an eye-opening day of honest and productive conversations.

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Principal Financial Group licensed The American Dream game Life-Size version for 3 years, making it a priority to deliver the game not just to headquarters, but to all satellite offices and remote teams, as well. With The American Dream Game, we provided the opportunity for employees to better understand what bias looks like in the workplace and then develop action plans. The program’s success within the company inspired Principal to share the experience with the larger community. Trained facilitators within Principal now run external workshops using the game with local non-profits, educators, school districts, and community organizations. As a result, Principal has emerged as a leader of these important diversity and inclusion conversations in the greater Des Moines area.

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Beloved Community Cville

Beloved Community Cville, a grassroots organization created to provide resources and opportunities to people interested in creating social change, kicked off their programming with a city-wide film viewing and dialogue event of the documentary I’m Not Racist… Am I?

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